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Clearwater Beach Sunrise


Clearwater Beach Sunrise

I’m a night owl. I love staying up late. Sunsets are beautiful and don’t mean the end of my day. It’s just a lovely break before a fun night. Clearwater Beach is known for its beautiful sunsets, but did you know there is also a gorgeous Clearwater Beach Sunrise?

I didn’t… until my daughter was born.

She’s just under two years old, and she loves spending time at the beach! It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. She’s ready to run and play when on vacation. She’s up late, happy, and having fun then out like a light that night but back up, excited, and ready to play sometimes as early as 4 AM. I’m tired! …but enjoying every minute of it.

Now that my daughter has me up to enjoy the sunrise, I realized how much I was missing. The early mornings in Clearwater Beach are beautiful. We go for walks in the early mornings. It’s quite. There’s barely a single car driving down the dark but well-lit streets in the early morning. Other than the very occasional car driving by, we’ll see a few early morning runners to say hi to. Clearwater Beach is full of friendly faces, even at 5 AM. Well, not FULL of friendly faces at 5 AM… but there are a few other people awake, and they’re all friendly. Later in the day, the sidewalks become full.

Our early morning walks consist of walking and looking at the colorful glowing lights of the different signs as we walk towards the intercoastal waterway. That’s where we watch the sun start to come up. It’s beautiful to see the warm and color lights begin to appear behind the buildings on Island Way Estates, downtown Clearwater and Dunedin. The backlight buildings often reflect perfectly in the calm waters. It’s beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. Usually, the only thing to be heard is a few birds and the giggles of my daughter as they fly by.

I’m still far from a morning person, but if you are (or if your kids are), take a walk and enjoy the Clearwater Beach sunrise on the intercoastal side of the island. Our two favorite areas are by the boat docks next to the Clearwater Beach Library & Recreation Complex or off the Papaya Street Plaza at the c0rner of Papaya Street and East Shore Drive.

After the sunrises, we head back to the beach. My daughter is similar to all kids and hates sunscreen. So she gets to enjoy that first early part of the day building sandcastles and playing in the Gulf of Mexico sans sunscreen… all before breakfast.

If you’re a morning person, where’s your favorite morning spot?

Clearwater Beach Wedding Planning

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Clearwater Beach Wedding Planning

Clearwater Beach is known for its soft sand and beautiful sunset views. It’s a beautiful place that’s easy to fall in love with and a great place to show your love to your significant other. Clearwater Beach is the perfect location for date nights, romantic weekends away, and weddings! If you’re thinking of planning a Clearwater Beach wedding here are some tips to help you get started!

Clearwater Beach Wedding Locations

On the Sand

Romantic beach weddings can frequently be seen on Clearwater Beach. If that’s your dream, you can make it happen! …but you’ll need a permit. Get some help planning and hosting your Clearwater Beach wedding with some of these companies.

Clearwater Beach Wedding Venues

Clearwater Beach Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Many of the wedding planners have photographers or can recommend many to talk with. Another way to find some is to use Instagram and search for #clearwaterbeachwedding and see all the beautiful photos and learn about the photographers there. You’ll be able to see some videographers on Instagram but you can also do a Clearwater Beach Wedding search on YouTube to see more Clearwater Beach Videographers’ work there.

Where To Stay

Many of the venues are hotels making it an easy choice for guests to stay very close by and together. If you’re not matched with a hotel, or if you’d like a place for kids, parents, and grandparents to all stay together consider renting a Clearwater Beach condo! B&W Management, Inc. offers beachfront condos with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, full kitchens, personal laundry available in each unit, private balconies overlooking the beach, and swimming pools!

Things To Do … other than the wedding

Outside of the wonderful wedding, there are tons of fun things to do in Clearwater Beach!

If you’re looking for a relaxed bachelor or bachelorette party, you don’t need to go far! Enjoy some fun at the local bars on the island. From small dive bars like The Shipwreck to live bands and DJs at Shephard’s, there’s something for everyone. Want to have some drinks with just a few close friends? I can guarantee you keep it that way without bumping into another person with Crusin’ Tikis floating tiki bar that cruises around the Clearwater Beach area. Looking for something even more relaxing? There’s great spas and massages available at many of the resorts and businesses on Clearwater Beach.

Need a family-friendly activity? Spend some time fishing, sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding or just laying at the beach! Looking for more than just playing on the beach and water? Play a round of golf at some of the golf courses in the surrounding area. If you’re more of an inside person or just hit an unlucky rainy day, no worries! There’s still plenty to do indoors and even some great museums and art galleries in the Tampa Bay area.

Must-Follow Clearwater Beach Instagram Accounts

Clearwater Beach Instagram Accounts @wester_brad

Dreaming of being on the beach, but sitting hundreds of miles away? Pause what you’re doing and take a mental break to the beach. Pull up the best Clearwater Beah webcams and follow these great Clearwater Beach, Florida Instagram accounts!

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