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Clearwater Beach Lightning Photography

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Clearwater Beach Lightning Photography Tips

Lightning is dangerous, but also beautiful. As long as you’re safe, the Florida lightning season can be a beautiful time for Clearwater Beach lightning photography.

Clearwater Beach Lightning Photography Tips

If you are looking to try your hand at capturing some beautiful Clearwater Beach lightning photography shots, here are some tips to help!

The time of year and even the time of day doesn’t really matter. You can capture beautiful lightning photos at any time! However, there is a Clearwater Beach Lightning season. To increase your odds of getting a great lightning photo, you can visit Clearwater Beach when thunderstorms are common.

The Clearwater Beach thunderstorm / lightning season is during the summer when temperatures are hot! It starts in June and lasts until September. Through these months there’s an increase in thunderstorms usually in the afternoon. These storms can come on quickly with a lot of force. They often bring a lot of frequent and strong lightning strikes.

I can’t say this enough. Yes, lightning is beautiful – AND DANGEROUS! Safety comes first! Do not stand outside as the thunderstorm approaches and definitely get off the beach before the storm arrives!

If your goal is to take a lightning photo, think safety first and choose a safe time and location. Before the storm hits, and inside or away from the storm. A great location for Clearwater Beach lightning photography is actually the balcony of a Beachfront Condominium. Mount the camera, cover it from rain. And step indoors. You can set the camera to shoot every few seconds for an extended period of time. Or you can purchase a lightning trigger or pluto trigger to assist with the proper timing of taking the photo when lightning strikes.

If you’re going to be outside, be aware you’re in danger even if you’re away from the storm. But, if you are determined to be outside, be sure to stay far away from the storm and use a telephoto zoom lens for your camera to seem closer than you actually are.

Most summer vacations won’t be traveling with large DSLR cameras and full gear bag, they’ll just have their smartphone. You can still get some great lightning photos on smartphones as well!

Clearwater Beach lightning photography tips for smartphone users

  • Keep safety in mind!
  • Put the phone on a stable surface, tripod or Gorillapod.
  • Disable sounds / notifications (put in airplane mode) to stop calls and texts from shaking your phone while taking photos.
  • Disable Flash.
  • ISO – Set sensitivity low.
  • Shutter Speed – set to a couple of seconds.
  • Focus – Set on a distant area and lock the focus.
  • White balance can be adjusted for the proper coloring. Take a few shots and experiment with these settings to find the one you like.
  • Timer – Set a timer if you can to take photos every few seconds.

Experiment with these settings and find what works best for you. Take a lot of photos and choose your favorites after. After the storms over, review your photos and edit your favorites. You can use apps such as Instagram, VSCO and even Adobe Lightroom right on your phone!

Stay safe and have fun!

Clearwater Beach Shells


Clearwater Beach Shells

Despite the picture above, the best Clearwater Beach shells don’t grow on trees!

Searching for Clearwater Beach Shells

If you’re searching for seashells down by the Clearwater Beach seashore, you’ll definitely find some! But to find the best Clearwater Beach seashells, you’ll have to know where to search!

If you’re walking along Clearwater Beach with your toes in the water, you’ll find some shells. But to find larger shells and unique shells, it’s best to head towards North Clearwater Beach. South Clearwater Beach is where the majority of large hotels and resorts are located. This makes south beach more crowded and more people are picking up the same shells you’re looking for.

So if you’re searching for shells, walk north past Pier 60 and head past the area of the beach that has all the Clearwater Beach Lifeguard Towers. You’ll walk past the beachfront restaurants, hotels, resorts, and beachfront condominiums. Once you’re passed this area, you’ll be walking in front of some beautiful beachfront homes. This area of Clearwater Beach the sand doesn’t stretch as far back. It becomes more narrow and much less crowded! This area of North Clearwater Beach will be less populated increasing your chance of finding some truly beautiful and unique shells.

The further north you walk, the truer this becomes! You can actually walk all the way to Caladesi Island State Park! You’re guaranteed to find some unique shells here! This is the area where the photo of the shells hanging in the tree came from! It is a long walk though. If you’re not up for the long walk, you can also drive through Dunedin and out to Honeymoon Island. Honeymoon Island is also a great beach for finding shells, and there’s a ferry that will take you from Honeymoon Island to Caladesi Island.

Another great location for finding Clearwater Beach shells is actually just across the Sand Key Bridge. If you take Gulf Boulevard from South Clearwater Beach towards Sand Key, you’ll find Sand Key Park on your right side just after crossing over Clearwater Pass.

Combine searching for seashells with visiting Winter the dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium! In addition to the aquarium, you can take a Sea Life Safari Boat Tour! During this tour you’ll cruise through the intracoastal waters surrounding Clearwater Beach, learning about dolphins, sea birds and other marine life as you go! The boat will also stop at a shell island providing a great opportunity to find some Clearwater Beach seashells!

Clearwater Beach Weather & Events – August 2019

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Clearwater Beach Weather & Events - August 2019

Clearwater Beach Weather August 2019

The Clearwater Beach weather in August remains hot! Temperatures often reach into the 90°s and storms frequently pop up in the afternoon. These pop-up storms can form very quickly and bring a surprising amount of strength with them; especially strong lightning!

When you see or hear a storm building, don’t delay! Quickly move inside. If you’re on the beach, keep an eye on the Clearwater Beach Lifeguard stands. The lifeguards will warn you of potential dangers such as storms, rough seas, rip currents and even stingrays.

Have fun, enjoy the beach, relax … but respect mother nature!

Clearwater Beach Events August 2019

Sunsets at Pier 60 Daily Festival

Celebrate the beautiful Clearwater Beach sunsets each day on Pier 60. The festival starts two hours before sunset and stays up two hours after sunset. The daily festival includes artisans, crafters, street performers and of course beautiful sunset views right on the beach!

Clearwater Beach Sunset Cinema Schedule

Enjoy a movie under the stars! Head to Pier 60’s sunset festival and stay for a free movie after sunset!

August 2, 2019: Christopher Robin (PG)
August 3, 2019: The Upside (PG-13)
August 9, 2019: Lilo & Stitch (PG)
August 10, 2019: Shazam (PG-13)
August 16, 2019: Ugly Dolls (PG)
August 17, 2019: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (PG)
August 23, 2019: Bunyan and Babe (PG)
August 24, 2019: Ocean’s 8 (PG-13)
August 30, 2019: Wonder Park (PG)
August 31, 2019: Robin Hood (PG-13)

Clearwater Farmers Market: featuring local vendors, fresh produce and more! The Clearwater Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 1 PM to 4 PM.

Clearwater Threshers Home Games

August 2, 2019: Threshers vs. Tampa (6:30 PM)
August 3, 2019: Threshers vs. Tampa (6:30 PM)
August 4, 2019: Threshers vs. Tampa (1:00 PM)
August 5, 2019: Threshers vs. Dunedin (6:30 PM)
August 6, 2019: Threshers vs. Dunedin (6:30 PM)
August 7, 2019: Threshers vs. Dunedin (7:00 PM)
August 12, 2019: Threshers vs. Dunedin (1:00 PM)
August 13, 2019: Threshers vs. Dunedin (7:00 PM)
August 14, 2019: Threshers vs. Dunedin (7:00 PM)
August 15, 2019: Threshers vs. Dunedin (7:00 PM)
August 16, 2019: Threshers vs. Florida (6:30 PM)
August 17, 2019: Threshers vs. Florida (6:30 PM)
August 18, 2019: Threshers vs. Florida (1:00 PM)
August 26, 2019: Threshers vs. Lakeland (7:00 PM)
August 27, 2019: Threshers vs. Lakeland (7:00 PM)
August 28, 2019: Threshers vs. Lakeland (7:00 PM)
August 29, 2019: Threshers vs. Lakeland (7:00 PM)

Florida International ChampionshipAugust 1, 2019 through August 4, 2019.

IBC Summer Nationals: August 1, 2019 through August 4, 2019.

NSA Rawlings Summer Championship: August 10th and 11th, 2019.

Events Near Clearwater Beach – August 2019

A Feast For The Eyes Exhibition: Now through September 2, 2019.

Above The Fold: New Expressions in Origami: Now through September 22, 2019.

Fun Home: Now through August 18, 2019.

Grouper Week: July 26, 2019 through August 4, 2019.

Royal Palm Market: Every Thursday.

Sunset Beach Concert Series: August 1, 2019.

TYR Summer Senior Championship: July 30, 2019 through August 3, 2019.

First Friday St. Pete: August 2, 2019.

Friday Night Clay at Morean Center for Clay: Every Friday.

Friday Nights at the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club: Every Friday.

Gulfport Art & Gallery Walk: August 2, 2019 and August 17, 2019.

Live Jazz at Olive The World Bistro: Every Friday.

Tarpon Springs First Friday: August 2, 2019.

Mimosas & Masterpieces: Brunch at the Dali: Every Sunday.

Safety Harbor Farmer’s Market on Main: Every Sunday.

Sunday Z-Brunch at Castile Restaurant: Every Sunday.

$10 Tuesday at the James Museum: Every Tuesday.

2nd Friday’s in Dunedin: August 9, 2019.

Cinema on the Sand – Smokey & the Bandit: August 9, 2019.

Moonlight Canopy Tours: August 9, 2019.

Guerilla Art Market: August 10, 2019.

Second Saturday’s at Sirata: August 10, 2019.

St. Pete Second Saturday Artwork: August 10, 2019.

Marly Music Concert Series: Erik and Martin Demaine Accompanied by John C. O’Leary: August 11, 2019.

Yoga on Tap at Green Bench Brewing: August 11, 2019.

Cocktails & Collections at the Museum of Fine Arts: August 15, 2019.

Cult Classic Summer Movie at The Dali Museum: Mean Girls: August 15, 2019.

Safety Harbor’s 3rd Friday Music Series: August 16, 2019.

St. Pete Road Runners Beach Series: August 16, 2019.

Dunedin Beer Olympics: August 17, 2019.

Free Yoga at Sundial St. Pete: August 17, 2019.

Cinema on the Sand – People’s Choice: August 23, 2019.

Summer Sun Songfest: August 23 – 25, 2019.

Bootcamp & Brews at 3 Daughters Brewing: August 24, 2019.

Wearable ART Fashion Show: August 24, 2019.

Indie Flea Summer Pop Up at St. Pete Shuffle: August 25, 2019.

Jazz Summer Concert Series at Fenway Hotel: Nathan Mitchell: August 25, 2019.

Marly Music Concert Series: Tesla Quartet: August 25, 2019.

RumFish Beach Resort Rays Watch Party: August 25, 2019.

GeckoFest: August 31, 2019.

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