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Clearwater Beach Thanksgiving 2018

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Clearwater Beach Thanksgiving 2018

Looking to celebrate Thanksgiving on Clearwater Beach? Clearwater Beach Condos are renting fast! There are a few condominiums still available for Thanksgiving 2018 in Surfside Condominiums and The Villas of Clearwater Beach. Enjoy a beautiful Clearwater Beach Thanksgiving available, book today!

Clearwater Beach Thanksgiving vacations are wonderful! The weather is beautiful with temperatures usually reaching the mid 70’s during the day and only dropping to the mid 60’s at night. Perfect temperatures to enjoy the warm sun in, and don’t worry about rain. It usually only rains one or two days during the entire month!

Clearwater Beach Thanksgiving Dinner

Memories of Thanksgiving usually come from Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t worry, all the condos in both Surfside Condominiums and The Villas of Clearwater Beach feature full kitchens with large refrigerators and ovens. The full kitchens and easy access to large and nearby grocery stores make it easy to not only enjoy a memorable trip to Clearwater Beach but also enjoy your traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Not looking to cook a large meal since you’re on vacation? No worries, there are many great restaurants available for Thanksgiving dinner. Two of the best are even very close by.

Bob Heilman’s Beachcomber Restaurant features an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with classic Thanksgiving entrees or more beach inspired options such as lobster. Another restaurant that features a wonderful Clearwater Beach Thanksgiving dinner is Columbia Restaurant (Sand Key).

Both of these restaurants require a reservation and you’ll need to reserve a table for Thanksgiving far in advance. Book your condominium right now while units are still available, and call to reserve a table for at these restaurants right after!

Clearwater Beach Thanksgiving Events

Thirsty Pelican Brew Tour: November 15 – 18, 2018

Experience the Gulp Coast in style with the Thirsty Pelican Brew Tours! Get picked up straight from your hotel or from one of the other select pickup locations in St. Pete Beach or Downtown St. Pete. The tour gives you an inside look at select breweries while sampling the best craft beer the Gulp Coast has to offer (all without having to worry about driving). Book your tour on their website or by calling (727) 418-7625.

Yoga at The Dali

Yoga at The Dali Museum every Sunday morning!

Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot

The largest running event in the Tampa Bay area, featuring over 17,000 runners!

Holiday Lights in the Gardens: November 23 –  December 30, 2018

Over 1 million LED lights shining throughout our Botanical Gardens highlighting our plants and in nature-themed or holiday-themed light displays.

Clearwater Beach Stingrays

Clearwater Beach Stingrays

Stingrays can be found swimming in the water at every beach in Florida, including Clearwater Beach. Stingrays are not aggressive and are quite shy. You usually won’t see them at all. Injuries from stingrays occur when the stingray gets frightened. You can lower your chances of being stung by a stingray by learning a little about them, and what you can do to avoid them.

How To Avoid Stingrays

There’s no way to completely avoid stingrays. Every beach in Florida has stingrays swimming in the ocean water. Stingrays can be found any time of year, but the Florida stingray season is April through October. The Florida stingray season is during the warmer months of the year because stingrays love warm shallow water.

While you may occasionally see large groups of them swimming together, you usually won’t see them at all. They often bury themselves in the sand when they rest to hide from their predators. Stingrays can often be found very close to the beach. They’ll swim and even bury themselves in the sand under the water within 3 to 10 yards off the beach.

Stingrays do not have very good eyesight. So while stingrays are shy and usually want to avoid you, they simply can’t see you that well and may swim towards you by accident. Since their eyesight is poor, stingrays use electro-sensors/vibrations to know what’s going on around them.

To avoid stingrays, do not run and jump into the ocean water with large steps like you’re starting a triathlon. Stingrays rest by burying themselves in the sand in the shallow water. If you run and jump into the ocean, you may step right on one without seeing it; possibly injuring the stingray and definitely frightening it. The stingray may sting you with its barb thinking you’re a predator trying to attack it.

Instead of taking large steps into the water, move a little slower and shuffle your feet in the sand as you walk in the ocean. Clearwater Beach has soft white sand, shuffling your feet will not be uncomfortable here. Shuffling your feet is the best way to avoid being stung by a stingray. If you hear people talking about the Florida Shuffle or Stingray Shuffle, it’s not a dance move. It’s how to avoid being stung by a stingray.

Shuffling your feet will lightly stir the sand around you as you move, pushing vibrations out in your surrounding area. This will let stingrays know you’re in the area and they will likely move away from you.

It doesn’t happen often, but if you ever see a large group of stingrays swimming down the beach in your direction, calmly shuffle your feet toward the beach and move out of their way. If there’s a large group of Stingrays swimming down the beach, you’ll usually see people slowly moving out of the water and that’s a good indicator that you should start heading toward the beach. If they sneak up on you and you don’t have time to move out of the water, just stay calm and stand still. Stingrays are quite calm and not aggressive. Relax and stand still so you don’t frighten them and you’ll be fine. The stingrays will all swim right by you, you may feel them lightly brush against your leg as they swim by, but that’s it.

Clearwater Beach, Florida is my favorite beach. I’ve been visiting Clearwater Beach for almost 30 years. I’ve never been stung by a stingray and I’ve only had a group of them swim past me two or three times. Usually, it’s a fairly small group and they’ll be completely past you in about 30 seconds. It’s actually a really cool experience. Just be safe and don’t try to touch them yourself.

If you’d like to see what this is like in a very safe way, head over to the Clearwater Beach Aquarium. You’ll be able to safely feed and touch Stingrays.

What to do if you’re stung by a Stingray on Clearwater Beach

If you are accidentally stung by a stingray, get out of the water. You may not have even seen the stingray, but you’ll be surprised at how immediate the pain is. If you have trouble walking, which is normal, sit down and ask someone nearby to go to the closest Clearwater Beach Lifeguard station for you. All that needs to be said is that someone may have been stung by a stingray, and they’ll quickly move to help you and ease your discomfort.

The lifeguards will often bring large buckets of hot water with them. Allowing you to immediately start soaking your foot in hot water. The hot water quickly begins to lower the pain, but the discomfort may remain for several hours.

Clearwater Beach Lifeguards / Beach Patrol | (727) 462-6963


Clearwater Beach Weather & Events – July 2018

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Clearwater Beach Weather July 2018 - Clearwater Beach Events July 2018

Clearwater Beach Weather July 2018

The Clearwater Beach Weather for July 2018 is looking to match the typical July weather for Clearwater Beach, Florida. The typical Clearwater Beach Weather for July has average temperatures of 86° / 79° with a monthly total of 14 days with rain. This usually means there’s the normal popup shower in the afternoon, not 14 full days of rain.

The Clearwater Beach Weather for July 2018 should match the afternoon popup showers. The temperature may be slightly warmer. Currently, the daily high temperatures are appearing to range between 87° and 90°.

Clearwater Beach Events July 2018

Clearwater Beach 4th of July Celebrations!

  • Fireworks at Clearwater Threshers Game: July 3rd.
  • Clearwater Celebrates America: July 4th.

Enjoy watching a baseball game followed by a fireworks show on July 3rd! The Clearwater Threshers will be taking on the Lakeland Flying Tigers at Spectrum Field. The gates open at 5 PM and the fireworks show will take place after the game.

The Clearwater Celebrates America event includes music, food, drinks, local vendors, a family-friendly atmosphere, and one of Tampa Bay’s largest fireworks shows! The event runs from 6 PM to 10 PM. Fireworks will begin between 9 and 9:30 PM. The fireworks will take place on the Memorial Causeway, connecting Clearwater Beach with Downtown Clearwater. The fireworks can be viewed from Downtown Clearwater, Clearwater Beach and even on the water!

Clearwater Beach Sunset Cinema Schedule

Check out the daily Sunset Festival at Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach! The daily Clearwater Beach sunset festival includes, local artisans, crafters, street performers and of course a beautiful sunset! On Friday and Saturday nights, stick around after sunset and enjoy a free movie under the stars at the Pier 60 Sunset Cinema!

Friday, July 6th: The Little Mermaid (G)
Saturday, July 7th: Jaws (PG)
Friday, July 13th: Finding Dory (PG)
Saturday, July 14th: Tomb Raider (PG-13)
Friday, July 20th: A Wrinkle In Time (PG)
Saturday, July 21st: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (PG)
Friday, July 27th: Cars 3 (PG)
Saturday, July 28th: Forever My Girl (PG)

Clearwater Farmers Market

The Clearwater Farmers Market features local vendors, fresh produce, and liquid sunshine all in one location! The Clearwater Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 1 to 4 PM.

Grouper Week

If you’re a seafood lover, this is one of your favorite weeks of the year! Clearwater / St. Pete is the grouper capital of the world and it’s time to celebrate the delicious, flaky white fish! Savor the fresh Gulf Coast grouper at some of the famous restaurants such as Frenchy’s Original Cafe and more! For more information about Grouper Week, visit

Events Near Clearwater Beach July 2018

Busch Gardens Summer Nights

Clyde Butcher: Visions of Dali’s Spain

Museum of Fine Arts: Magnetic Fields Exhibition

Operation Finale: The Capture & Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Storytellers Exhibition at the Chihuly Collection

Ten Trends at Imagine Museum

Yoga at The Dali

Fireworks at Dunedin Blue Jays Game

4th of July Fireworks at Redington Shores

Fireworks Across the Bay Celebration in St. Pete

Fourth of July Picnic in Craig Park, Tarpon Springs

Gulfport’s July Fourth Celebration

Largo’s 4th of July Celebration

Safety Harbor Fourth of July Celebration

Treasure Island 4th of July Fireworks

Cult Classics Summer Movie Series at The Dali Museum: Grease

A Tribute to Pink Floyd at Jannus Live

Madeira Beach 5k Sunset Series

Dunedin Orange Festival

Tarpon Springs ‘Night in the Islands’

3 Doors Down & Collective Soul at Al Lang Stadium

Bourbon & Vinyl Sessions at Intermezzo Cocktails

Family Days at The James Museum 

Cool Art Show

The Whitney Houston Show at The Mahaffey Theater

The Beer Project at the Museum of Fine Arts

Safety Harbor’s 3rd Friday Music Series

Safety Harbor Group Run

Grouper Food Truck Rally

Counting Crows at Al Lang Stadium

Tampa Bay Rowdies Games

7/4/2018: Rowdies vs. Toronto FC II
7/7/2018: Rowdies vs. Louisville City FC
7/28/2018: Rowdies vs. NY Red Bulls II