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Worth The Drive – Dunedin, Florida

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Worth The Drive - Dunedin, Florida

Just north of Clearwater Beach, you’ll find Dunedin, Florida. Located less than 30 minutes from Clearwater Beach, Dunedin is known for its delicious food paired with a relaxed, friendly small town atmosphere.

Take a break from lounging in the sand on Clearwater Beach and take a day trip to Dunedin, Florida. One of the best ways to experience Dunedin is through the Dunedin Food Tour. You’ll get a chance to sample some of the amazing foods and drinks in the area. The food tour is kept small, limited to 12 people. The small tour allows for the opportunity to personally interact with the owners, chefs, and brewers at the local businesses. Along with food and drink tastings, you’ll get a chance to experience the wonderful town and hear about its history as you stroll between the local restaurants and breweries.

After lunch, you can catch the causeway across to Honeymoon Island and even a ferry to Caladesi Island. Dunedin provides great access to these beautiful, white sand beaches. Enjoy spending time on the water? You can Rent a kayak from a small shop located on the causeway. Spend some time paddling across St. Joseph Sound and around the beautiful mangroves of Caladesi Island.

After a lunch tour and an afternoon on the water, enjoy a luxurious dinner at Bon Appétit Restaurant. Bon Appétit Restaurant is a fine dining experience sitting on the water of St. Joseph Sound. The restaurant features beautiful views and a blend of European and American food. Bon Appétit Restaurant has been voted Tampa Bay’s Best Waterfront Restaurant because it offers unique cuisine, waterfront tables with sunset views and parking available for not only cars but also boats.

If you’re in the area around Spring Break, catch a Spring Training baseball game! Dunedin hosts the Toronto Blue Jays for Spring Training each year.

Clearwater Beach Roundabout

If you’re headed to Clearwater Beach for this first time you’ll soon come across the multilane roundabout. The Clearwater Beach roundabout splits the island in half. You’ll first encounter the roundabout when crossing onto the island from Clearwater Memorial Causeway. You’ll find north Clearwater Beach on the right side of the roundabout and south Clearwater Beach on the left. You’re headed to north Clearwater Beach, what lane do you need to be in?

How to drive around the Clearwater Beach roundabout

Clearwater Beach Roundabout

While approaching the roundabout, know which side of the island you are headed to and choose the appropriate lane before entering the roundabout. When entering Clearwater Beach, if you are headed to the north side of Clearwater Beach, you’ll be using one of the first two exits and need to be in the right lane. (Shown in green in the image above.)

If you’re headed to the south side of Clearwater Beach or essentially making a U-Turn and headed back off the island, approach the roundabout in the left lane and merge into the center lane of the roundabout. (Shown in yellow.) As vehicles exit the roundabout from the right lane (green), cautiously merge from the inside lane into lanes if possible before exiting the roundabout. If traffic is backed up and space is available, you may also exit from the center lane if there’s enough space available for a safe exit.

One part of the Clearwater Beach roundabout that is different from other multilane roundabouts is that the outside lane does not allow you to consistently circle the roundabout. The outside lane is forced to exit the roundabout and leave Clearwater Beach on Clearwater Memorial Causeway. If you are traveling from south Clearwater Beach to north Clearwater Beach, you must enter the roundabout from the left lane and drive in the center lane of the roundabout passed Clearwater Memorial Causeway, the exit at the appropriate north beach exit.

Please yield to traffic and travel cautiously when entering the roundabout. When exiting the roundabout, please be aware of pedestrian crossings appear shortly after the roundabout.

10 Best Fish Tacos on Clearwater Beach


Looking for some great seafood? Here are my favorite Clearwater Beach fish tacos!

1. Pearly’s Beach Eats

45 Papaya Street, Clearwater Beach, Florida, 33767

Fish Taco: “Fried, grilled or blackened, with jicama coleslaw, fresh mango salsa, and shredded cheese. Served with tortilla chips and salsa.”

Shrimp: “Cocktail shrimp served with black bean and corn salsa, shredded cheese, and chipotle avocado sauce.”

What I order: Fish Tacos, Blackened.

2. The Bait House Tackle & Tavern

45 Causeway Blvd, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

Island Fish Tacos: “Two warm flour tortillas stuffed with your choice of grilled or blackened Shrimp or fresh Catch of the Day and Bait House island slaw, our Island sauce, cool Baja sauce, fresh salsa and limes.

What I order: Blackened with extra island sauce.

3. Frenchy’s Original Cafe

41 Baymont Street, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

Baja Fish Tacos: “corn tortillas filled with fried fish, cabbage, yogurt sauce and roasted tomato salsa.”

What I order: I stop in on Tuesday’s for “Taco Tuesday” – “Baja Fish or Shrimp Tacos severed with salsa”!

4. Sandbar (Opal Sands)

430 S Gulview Blvd, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

Fish Tacos: “blackened or grilled, warm tortillas, crispy cabbage, jack cheese, chipotle crème and tomato mango salsa… what we’re famous for!”

What I order: blackened or grilled, both are delicious – and the view is absolutely stunning. (Photo above.)

5. Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill

7 Rockaway Street, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

Beachfront view with multiple fish (or shrimp) taco options!

Rockaway Fish Tacos: “Lightly fried, grilled or Cajun fish topped with lettuce, special sauce & mixed cheese with salsa on the side (may contain grouper or mahi mahi).”

Cali Beach Fish Tacos: “Grilled fish with Cajun seasoning topped with cabbage, cilantro, diced tomatoes, jack cheese and a Baja sauce (may contain grouper or mahi mahi).”

Island Shrimp Tacos: “Chilled shrimp with Sriracha lime dressing topped with cabbage, cilantro, jack cheese and fresh mangoes.”

What I order: Rockaway Fish Tacos, fried.

6. Palm Pavillion

10 Bay Esplanade, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

The Palm Fish Taco: “Grilled and blackened fresh Gulf grouper with lemon crema cabbage slaw, pico de gallo and cilantro topped with creamy chipotle sauce on a soft white corn tortilla.”

Gulf Shrimp Taco: “Fried Gulf shrimp, lemon crema cabbage slaw, tomatillo salsa, avocado and cilantro on a soft white corn tortilla.”

What I order: Despite this being a Clearwater Beach Fish Taco post, I usually order the Gulf Shrimp Taco from Palm Pavillion. It’s delicious!

7. Badfins Food + Brew

215 S Gulfview Boulevard, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

Primo Fish Taco: “Fried panko crusted white fish, slaw, cotija cheese, pickled red onion, cilantro, sriracha garlic crema, chips & salsa.”

Shrimp Taco: Blackened fresh shrimp, cilantro lime slaw, pickled red onion, cotija, cilantro lime crema, chips & salsa.”

What I order: Primo fish taco, no changes made!

8. Marina Cantina

25 Causeway Boulevard, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

Grouper Tacos: “fried, grilled or blackened, cabbage cilantro slaw, jalapeño crema, queso fresco, pickled red onions, avocado.”

Taco Tuesdays: “$4 tacos (shrimp, pulled pork, chicken, beef, crispy cauliflower.”

What I order: Grouper Tacos, blackened.

9. Crabby’s Dockside

37 Causeway Boulevard, Clearwater Beach, Florida

Beach Tacos – Grouper: “lightly fried Grouper fingers and cabbage, topped with a spicy baja sauce and a house-made salsa verde.”

Beach Tacos – Mahi: “blackened with shredded cabbage, cheddar jack cheese, and mango salsa. Topped with cilantro cream sauce.”

What I order: Grouper beach tacos!

10. Cooters Restaurant & Bar

423 Poinsettia Avenue, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

Grouper Tacos: “Two soft Tacos with Fresh Grouper, shredded cabbage, cheddar cheese, homemade salsa & sriracha cream sauce. Served with sides of Spanish rice and black beans.”

Shrimp Tacos: “Two soft Tocos with shrimp, shredded cabbage, cheddar cheese, homemade salsa & sriracha cream sauce. Served with sides of Spanish rice and black beans.”

What I order: Grouper Tacos!