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Traveling Around Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida, is known as the best beach in the United States. With that title, it can be a busy area – especially during peak travel seasons. Traffic can back up getting on the island, and parking can become challenging to find, but don’t worry, there are many great ways to travel around Clearwater Beach!

Getting Around Clearwater Beach

Personal Vehicle – Owned or Rented

Whether you’re driving to Florida in your car or flying into the Tampa Bay area and renting a car, you’ll soon be headed towards Clearwater Beach with a vehicle full of family and luggage. Sometimes the best way to get there is in your private vehicle, even if you have to be patient with traffic. The most challenging part may be finding a place to park! If you’re staying with us in a beachfront condo, you’ll find a reserved parking spot available just for you.

Rideshare / Taxi

If you fly into the Tampa Bay area and you’re planning on staying in the Clearwater Beach (no day trips) you can save some money by not renting a car. Without a rental car, you won’t have to worry about parking, and there are many ways to get around Clearwater Beach without having your car. You just need to get from the airport to Clearwater Beach and back to the airport at the end of the trip. Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft and even classic taxis are available at the nearby airports.

Clearwater Beach Ferry

Avoid the traffic and park for free! You can catch the Clearwater Beach Ferry from downtown Clearwater to the Clearwater Beach Marina, North Clearwater Beach, Island Estates and even Dunedin! Check out the routes, schedule, and purchase tickets here.

Jolley Trolley

If you don’t have a car but still want to take some trips just off the island, you can take the Jolley Trolley! The Jolley Trolley can help you travel around Clearwater Beach from north beach to south beach and even off the island to many of the nearby communities – even as far as Tarpon Springs!

Free Beach Ride

In many restaurants, bars, and shops in the Clearwater Beach area, you’ll see cards for Free Beach Ride. Free Beach Ride will pick you up and take you anywhere in the Pinellas County area! You’ll be picked up by an easily identifiable Free Beach Ride’s minivan. They offer free rides in the Clearwater Beach area from 8 am to midnight. All you need is cash to tip your driver!


No cost and no parking fees! Clearwater Beach is a beautiful, safe community. Almost everything is close by and won’t take long to walk to. The only time you may want a vehicle is for a trip to the grocery store. It’s a bit further away, located on Island Estates, and you may not want to carry all the groceries back by hand. If you don’t have a car, trips to the grocery store can be quickly managed by Free Beach Rides or Rideshare / Taxi services.


While walking the area is easy, riding a bike is more fun! Clearwater Beach Paddleboard & Rental Company offers several different bikes to cruise around the beach with – even some electric bicycles!

Surrey Bike

If you like the bike idea but have several people and want to stay together (or maybe you don’t have a great balance) check out a Surrey Bike for the day! They can fit up to 6 adults and 3 kids!


Not looking to pedal around town? Scooters are available for rent too! All you need is a valid drivers license. Rent by the hour or by the day!

Scoot Coupe

Scoot Coupes are available by the hour and full day as well! These three-wheeled, two passenger rides are a fun, street legal, way to cruise around Clearwater Beach!

Clearwater Beach Lifeguard

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Clearwater Beach is known as a family-friendly beach. It is beautiful. The soft white sand and the typically calm waves of the Gulf of Mexico make a wonderful place for families of all ages to relax and play. As you walk the beach, you’ll see the Clearwater Beach lifeguard towers frequently placed both on the south and north sides of Pier 60.

During my last trip to Clearwater Beach, I was walking past the lifeguard towers on the beach and wondered “Do the lifeguards here love it as much as I do?”

So I decided to ask…

Interview with a Clearwater Beach Lifeguard

I spoke with Rachel Lersch, a Clearwater Beach Lifeguard. Rachel grew up as a Clearwater Beach local but recently moved to Fort Myers to work full time as an Assistant Project Manager for a civil engineering company.

Rachel: “I come back to Clearwater almost every weekend to work. Usually, when I share with people that I drive two hours to work my weekend job, everyone is shocked. I was born and raised in Clearwater so not only do I come home (to my first home) to work but I also use my off time to see my friends and family that live here… It’s a win, win for me! I truly love being a Clearwater Beach lifeguard and the distance does not bother me.

What I love about being a Clearwater Beach lifeguard is not just my job as a lifeguard but my co-workers that have turned into family. My boss is one of a kind. He is the type of boss that loves what he does and it shows through his hard-working employees. He has taught me so much! I know I can always count on my Clearwater Beach family to have my back no matter what and that type of work environment cannot be beaten! It is the number one reason I am not leaving Clearwater to lifeguard the beaches in Fort Myers. I know nothing can compare!”

Brad: Clearwater Beach is known as a wonderful, family-friendly beach. Do you have any advice for parents bringing their kids to the beach? What they should bring or not bring, any safety tips?

Rachel: Clearwater Beach is a great family beach with over a mile of a lifeguarded swim area. There are rental cabanas, umbrellas, and chairs set up for public use. There are activities for children near Pier 60, inflatable slides, concessions, playground area, ice cream shop, and outdoor showers. You are allowed to bring your own cooler, umbrellas, and tents, as long as the tents are not too close to the water and blocking the lifeguards’ view of the shoreline.

What to bring: towels, sand & water toys, drinks & snacks, chairs… don’t worry if you forget anything there are shops nearby that offer all the things I listed. What not to bring: alcohol, glass, dogs, and drones.

When getting in the water be sure to shuffle your feet to avoid stepping on stingrays. The stingray season is from April – October but they are occasionally present other months of the year. If you’re not sure of something, ask a lifeguard! We love answering questions and helping whenever we can. Safety and preventive safety is what we lifeguards live by. When at the beach, the best thing to do is to check what color flag is flying, be aware of what is going on around you and always listen to the lifeguards’ whistle and directions. We want everyone to have a fun, safe day at beautiful Clearwater Beach.”

Brad: What do the different flag colors mean?

Rachel: “Green: Low Hazard. Most of the time, on Clearwater Beach, we fly the Green flag. Conditions, for the most part, are good at Clearwater. Calm waters, sunny days!

Yellow: Medium Hazard. We will fly the yellow flag when there are possibilities of rip currents and rougher than normal waves. As a caution to the beachgoers to be prepared.

Red: High Hazard. We will fly the red flag when there are sever conditions. Rip currents, high surf, strong and rough waves are present.

Double Red: Water is closed. When the double red is flying we will whistle everyone to get out and stay out of the water!

Purple: Dangerous Marine Life. We will fly the purple flags if we know there are stingrays, jellyfish or other possible dangers present.

BradIs there a part of Clearwater Beach that is better for families?”

Rachel: “South of Pier 60 tends to be busier than North Beach but overall the whole beach is great for families or a beach day by yourself. During the month of March, Pier 60 and South Beach is usually full of spring breakers and it may not be an ideal beach day for the family during that time. My favorite part of Clearwater beach is North Beach, where it is usually much quieter. I have to say my all-time favorite spot is sitting in any of the 7 Lifeguard towers on Clearwater Beach!”

Brad: What are your favorite things about Clearwater Beach?

Rachel: “My favorite things about Clearwater beach is how beautiful it is and there are lots of things to do. Across from Pier 60 is the Marina where they have boat rides and Jet Ski rentals. There is also Jet Ski rentals and parasailing on the beach North of Pier 60 between towers 5 & 7. There are many places to eat and relax. They also have a Marine Aquarium not far from the beach. During the year they have various events held at the beach like the Sugar Sand Festival, Clearwater Super boat races, Taste Fest & Uncorked Food & Wine Festival to name a few. In my opinion, there is something for everyone on Clearwater Beach!”

Brad: What about a favorite place to eat?

Rachel: “If you ask any local on the beach this question… I’m pretty sure the first thing they will say is Frenchy’s. My number one answer to this question is Frenchy’s! Their food is awesome! I have been going to Frenchy’s since I was a kid. I absolutely love their “she crab soup”! If you are looking for a quieter place Pearly’s Beach Eats is my new favorite. I love the atmosphere, along with their yummy tacos and delicious ice cream that comes in a little coconut! It’s addicting.

If you’re looking for views with your food, Jimmy’s Crow’s Nest or Marina Cantina are my two favorites!

Breakfast… cannot forget breakfast! In my opinion… ClearSky Café has THE BEST breakfast in town. Seriously! They have something for everyone. Their selection is great! My personal favorite is any of their French Toasts… YUM!”

Brad: Thank you, Rachel, for taking the time to share your experience with us as a Clearwater Beach local and lifeguard!

Rachel: “Thank you for visiting the one and only Clearwater beach, the place we love to call our home. All of us that work the beach do it because we absolutely love being here. We care about public safety and keeping our waters safe. Working for Clearwater Beach has opened so many doors for me and I am blessed to work for a great city.”

Tampa Bay Frogman Swim

In addition to working as a full-time assistant project manager in Fort Myers and part-time Clearwater Beach lifeguard, Rachel also volunteers with the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim. “The Frogman Swim is a 5K open water swim in the Tampa Bay! We strive to bring awareness to the Navy Special Warfare community and support the Navy SEAL Foundation. People from all over raise money for this cause and swim 5K in freezing (Florida) January water for the Navy SEAL Foundation. Their mission is to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families. 100% of our proceeds go directly to the Foundation to help the families of our fallen heroes.

I love being a part of this organization, it is humbling to know I am doing a small part to help our service men and woman and their families when they sacrifice everything for our country’s freedom. This is special to my heart because my significant other is a proud member of the US Army and deployed to Iraq in 2016. Our support means more than words can explain to these families so if you feel in your heart you would like to contribute please reach out through the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim website or Facebook page!”

Clearwater Beach Love Bugs

Clearwater Beach Florida Love Bugs

Unexpected guests are showing up in Florida. These unexpected guests tend to travel everywhere in pairs, but also show up millions at a time! They’re known as Love Bugs!

Love Bugs sometimes spelled as one word – Lovebugs, are an insect also known as Honeymoon Flies or Double-Headed Flies. Love Bugs are a specific species of March Flies that can be found in Central America and throughout the South Eastern United States, especially on the edges of the Gulf of Mexico.

The names Love Bugs, Honeymoon Flies and Double-Headed Flies all come from the fact that you can’t keep them apart. You’ll rarely see one by itself. They are almost always attached to another even when flying.

The good news is, they are simply an annoyance. Love Bugs do not bite, sting or harm humans in any way. They are an annoyance because there are so many of them together. The most annoying part of them is that your car windshield and all over the front of your car will become covered in them. Not only are they tough to get off if you leave them on even longer than a single day, but they can damage your paint! Love Bugs have an acidic body chemistry that will start damaging the paint on your car if they are not removed quickly.

If you see a bunch of them while on vacation, don’t worry. While Love Bugs may be annoying, there’s nothing to fear. They won’t hurt you. Just remember to wash your car, and they’ll be gone soon. Love Bugs are only around for a few weeks in spring, and a few weeks in the fall.