Monarch Butterflies in Florida

Monarch Butterflies in Florida

Throughout February and into March, you’ll begin seeing Monarch butterflies all throughout Florida. As the temperature warms up, you’ll begin seeing more orange, black and white dots filling the Florida sky and covering the several plants in the area – especially milkweed.

Monarch butterflies require warm weather to survive. So each year, they migrate to warmer climates to avoid the cold weather in their northern summer homes.

Western Monarchs (West of the Rocky Mountains) typically hibernate in the Pacific Grove or other southern areas of California.

Eastern Monarchs (East of the Rocky Mountains) travel much further. Eastern Monarch butterflies either follow the Gulf Coast shores into Mexico or travel through South Florida and across Cuba to the Yucatán Peninsula to hibernate in Oyamel Fir Forest.

The long migration of the Eastern Monarchs has been studied since the 1950s. In the past years, there has been a growing concern for the Monarch Butterfly’s shrinking population. The amount of Monarch Butterflies has decreased by 80% from 2005 through 2018!

There is rising hope this spring though. The population of Monarch Butterflies in their winter homes in Mexico has increased 144% this winter!

Expect to see more Monarchs flying through the sky throughout Florida this spring!

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    Tom says:

    Get some nectar plants ,what’s best for your area. I used to grow coneflower for them. I’m in Clearwater fl. Now and I can’t keep enough milkweed. I had around 26 but only saw around eight fly away. Now I get them when there big and put them in a terriaum and they make a crystalist then hatch. It cool so get some plants ! Thanks


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