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Is Clearwater Beach Walkable? YES! Clearwater Beach is a very walkable beach town with everything you need close by.

When visiting Clearwater Beach you’ll have a variety of options on where to stay that will play a role in how close everything is to you, but no matter where you stay, the island is walkable! When mentioning distances in this article, I’ll be using The Villas of Clearwater Beach and Surfside Condos as the reference point. Both of these fantastic vacation rentals are beachfront condominiums located on North Clearwater Beach. This area of the beach is a quiet, family-friendly area of Clearwater Beach.

Beach Access

You’ll find beach access points almost everywhere on Clearwater Beach. When staying at the condos rented from B&W Management, you’ll have beachfront views and are steps away from touching the soft white sand.

If you’re not staying in a beachfront condo or hotel, don’t worry, the beach is still within walking distance! The most common places to stay are within 3 to 4 (small) blocks from the beach. If you’re staying on south Clearwater Beach in places like Shephard’s Beach Resort, Holiday Inn, or Hampton Inn and Suites; you will have a small beach area nearby, but you’ll have to walk a bit further to get to the public beach area. The public beach is still very walkable at roughly a quarter-mile.


There are delicious restaurants everywhere on Clearwater Beach! Here are some popular restaurants on Clearwater Beach and their walking distance from The Villas of Clearwater Beach. By no means are these the only restaurants around; there are many, many more!


Enjoy a night out on Clearwater Beach! Below are some of the bars located on Clearwater Beach, but there are many more!


You’ll find all kinds of wonderful storefronts to shop at on Clearwater Beach. Many of these storefronts are located on Mandalay Avenue. Another great shopping experience is the popup shops located on Pier 60 every day for the Clearwater Beach sunset festival! You can combine both and walk from Surfside Condos and The Villas of Clearwater Beach down Mandalay Avenue to Pier 60. This walk is only a mile long and will take you past all kinds of storefronts as you head to Pier 60 to enjoy a beautiful sunset, popup shops, live music, and more!


The number one Clearwater Beach activity is the beach, and that is only steps away! But you might be interested in doing a little more. Here are some other Clearwater Beach Activities and how they are all within a walkable distance.

  • Paddleboarding / Kayaking: You can rent Paddleboard and kayaks from Clearwater Beach Paddleboard Co. and they’ll bring them to you on the beach for lessons! The shop is a short walk away, but you won’t have to worry about carrying the boards and kayaks back to the beach!
  • Jetski Rentals: You can rent jetskis on the beach! Just walk south towards Pier 60 and you’ll come across the rental company directly on the beach before you reach Pier 60 – roughly a half-mile away on the beach. You can also rent jetskis from the Clearwater Marina which is only a mile away.
  • Parasailing: Parasailing may be available from the jetski rental place on the beach (roughly a half-mile away), or you can find parasailing options at The Clearwater Marina as well.
  • Fishing: Enjoy fishing from the end of Pier 60, 1 mile away or fishing tours are available at The Clearwater Marina, also a mile away.
  • Dolphin Tours: Many different dolphin tour excursions are available at The Clearwater Beach Marina.
  • Sailing: Enjoy sailing cruises from the Clearwater Beach Marina as well!
  • Walk to Caladesi Island State Park: Walking to Caladesi Island State Park is possible! It’s a longer walk at roughly 4.5 miles to the far end of Caladesi Island, but it’s very beautiful and fully on the beach! Learn more about Walking from Clearwater Beach to Caladesi Island!

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