Does Clearwater Beach have a boardwalk?

Does Clearwater Beach have a boardwalk?

Pier 60 – Clearwater Beach Boardwalk

A frequent question asked is, does Clearwater Beach have a boardwalk? Yes! Clearwater Beach does have a boardwalk. The Clearwater Beach boardwalk area is known as Pier 60.

Pier 60 is a must-see when visiting Clearwater Beach, Florida. Pier 60 hosts a daily sunset festival. The sunset festival includes something for everyone. On Pier 60, you’ll find street performers, local craft shops, fun games for kids, fantastic playgrounds, fishing off the end of the pier, and of course – absolutely stunning sunsets! The daily sunset festival starts 2 hours before sunset and closes 2 hours after sunset.

Pier 60 is a concrete pier that sticks out over the Gulf of Mexico. The concrete pier provides a smooth surface with no steps, making it a handicap-accessible pier for everyone to enjoy.

Clearwater Beach Boardwalk on South Clearwater Beach

Beach Walk – South Clearwater Beach

You can follow the concrete boardwalk south from Pier 60 and enjoy a wide beach walk that connects Pier 60 to all of south Clearwater Beach. You’ll find public access points to the south beach area, restaurants, souvenir shops, hotels, and more along the beach walk. It’s truly a beautiful and relaxing walk.

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