Clearwater Beach Roundabout


If you’re headed to Clearwater Beach for the first time, you’ll soon come across the multilane roundabout. The Clearwater Beach roundabout splits the island in half. You’ll first encounter the roundabout when crossing onto the island from Clearwater Memorial Causeway. You’ll find north Clearwater Beach on the right side of the roundabout and south Clearwater Beach on the left. You’re headed to north Clearwater Beach; what lane do you need to be in?

Clearwater Beach Roundabout Updates 2/15/2023

clearwater beach roundabout changes 2023

The City of Clearwater has recently announced changes to the Clearwater Beach roundabout. In an effort to improve traffic flow, vehicles in the outside lane of the roundabout will be forced to exit at Coronado drive and head towards south Clearwater Beach.

Here’s the announcement from the City of Clearwater…

“Traffic Pattern to Change at Clearwater Beach Roundabout: To improve the safety and traffic flow on and off Clearwater Beach, the city of Clearwater will implement a traffic safety pilot program to test a new traffic pattern starting Feb. 17. 🚗🚙🚕

The following minor traffic pattern changes are being made:

➡️ The outside roundabout lane south of Mandalay Avenue will be forced to go south on Coronado Drive.

➡️ Those in the inner lane will still be able to exit onto Coronado Drive or continue in the roundabout.

This is a pilot program and will be reviewed for six months to see if safety improves. Street markings and flexible posts will be installed in the area marked in red on the map.

Questions about this traffic proposal? Call (727) 562-4750.”

How to drive around the roundabout

*Originally written March 8, 2019. Please see the changes made above.

Clearwater Beach Roundabout

While approaching the roundabout, know which side of the island you are headed to and choose the appropriate lane before entering the roundabout. When entering Clearwater Beach, if you are headed to the north side of Clearwater Beach, you’ll be using one of the first two exits and need to be in the right lane. (Shown in green in the image above.)

If you’re headed to the south side of Clearwater Beach or essentially making a U-Turn and headed back off the island, approach the roundabout in the left lane and merge into the center lane of the roundabout. (Shown in yellow.) As vehicles exit, the roundabout from the right lane (green), cautiously merge from the inside lane into lanes if possible before exiting the roundabout. If traffic is backed up and space is available, you may exit from the center lane if there’s enough space available for a safe exit.

One part of the Clearwater Beach roundabout that is different from other multilane roundabouts is that the outside lane does not allow you to circle the roundabout consistently. The outside lane is forced to exit the roundabout and leave Clearwater Beach on Clearwater Memorial Causeway. Suppose you are traveling from south Clearwater Beach to north Clearwater Beach. In that case, you must enter the roundabout from the left lane and drive in the center lane of the roundabout passed Clearwater Memorial Causeway, the exit at the appropriate north beach exit.

Please yield to traffic and travel cautiously when entering the roundabout. When exiting the roundabout, please be aware that pedestrian crossings appear shortly after the roundabout.

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    Coming from the UK where we have thousands of roundabouts I can assure you Clearwaters roundabout is great works well and used to look nice too with all the fountains (I was there early 2000 on holiday when it was opened (it was carnage) I figured you’d all be used to it 23yrs later


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