Clearwater Beach Love Bugs

Clearwater Beach Florida Love Bugs

Unexpected guests are showing up in Florida. These unexpected guests tend to travel everywhere in pairs, but also show up millions at a time! They’re known as Love Bugs!

Love Bugs sometimes spelled as one word – Lovebugs, are an insect also known as Honeymoon Flies or Double-Headed Flies. Love Bugs are a specific species of March Flies that can be found in Central America and throughout the South Eastern United States, especially on the edges of the Gulf of Mexico.

The names Love Bugs, Honeymoon Flies and Double-Headed Flies all come from the fact that you can’t keep them apart. You’ll rarely see one by itself. They are almost always attached to another even when flying.

The good news is, they are simply an annoyance. Love Bugs do not bite, sting or harm humans in any way. They are an annoyance because there are so many of them together. The most annoying part of them is that your car windshield and all over the front of your car will become covered in them. Not only are they tough to get off if you leave them on even longer than a single day, but they can damage your paint! Love Bugs have an acidic body chemistry that will start damaging the paint on your car if they are not removed quickly.

If you see a bunch of them while on vacation, don’t worry. While Love Bugs may be annoying, there’s nothing to fear. They won’t hurt you. Just remember to wash your car, and they’ll be gone soon. Love Bugs are only around for a few weeks in spring, and a few weeks in the fall.

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