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Tampa Bay Craft Beer

It’s hard to beat having a cold drink with a beautiful view. That’s what vacation is all about! Clearwater Beach provides the stunning vacation views, and there’s plenty of cold drinks in the area, from great wine shops to many Tampa Bay Craft Beer options! Beach views and cold drinks go hand in hand, but […]

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Clearwater Beach Weather & Events – October 2019

Clearwater Beach Weather October 2019 October is one of the most beautiful times to visit Clearwater Beach, Florida. The beach is less crowded, the pop-up rain showers from the summer wrap up and the Clearwater Beach weather is perfect for attending the many local events that happen every October! The average daily high temperature for […]

Hurricane Dorian Donations in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida had a scare with Hurricane Dorian. Many of the originally predicted paths had the storm heading across the state directly at Tampa Bay. Luckily, the storm took a turn to the north earlier than originally expected; lessening the impact on Florida but still leaving the Bahamas devastated. Many businesses and organizations in […]

How Clearwater Beach Got Its Name

This seems like an easy question to answer. Clearwater Beach got its name from being a beach with clear ocean waves, right? Wrong. The Clearwater area was first settled in the 1800s. At the time, the area was called Clear Water Harbor. In 1895 Clear Water was combined into a single word, Clearwater. I’ve never […]

Clearwater Beach Parking

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Clearwater Beach for a day, a week or even longer – you’ll need a place to park. Here are some of the best Clearwater Beach parking options. Clearwater Beach Beachfront Condos Parking If you’re staying in a Clearwater Beach hotel, beachfront condo or other rental properties, you’ll probably have […]

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Clearwater Beach Weather & Events – September 2019

Clearwater Beach Weather September 2019 The temperature begins to drop in September. The average Clearwater Beach weather in September has temperatures in the mid to low 80s. The chances of rain begin to drop, but there are still frequent rains – it is still the peak of the Clearwater Beach hurricane season. Clearwater Beach Events […]

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Clearwater Beach Lightning Photography

Lightning is dangerous, but also beautiful. As long as you’re safe, the Florida lightning season can be a beautiful time for Clearwater Beach lightning photography. Clearwater Beach Lightning Photography Tips If you are looking to try your hand at capturing some beautiful Clearwater Beach lightning photography shots, here are some tips to help! The time […]


Clearwater Beach Shells

Despite the picture above, the best Clearwater Beach shells don’t grow on trees! Searching for Clearwater Beach Shells If you’re searching for seashells down by the Clearwater Beach seashore, you’ll definitely find some! But to find the best Clearwater Beach seashells, you’ll have to know where to search! If you’re walking along Clearwater Beach with […]