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Traveling Around Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida, is known as the best beach in the United States. With that title, it can be a busy area – especially during peak travel seasons. Traffic can back up getting on the island, and parking can become challenging to find, but don’t worry, there are many great ways to travel around Clearwater […]

Clearwater Beach Love Bugs

Unexpected guests are showing up in Florida. These unexpected guests tend to travel everywhere in pairs, but also show up millions at a time! They’re known as Love Bugs! Love Bugs sometimes spelled as one word – Lovebugs, are an insect also known as Honeymoon Flies or Double-Headed Flies. Love Bugs are a specific species […]

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Clearwater Beach Weather & Events – May 2019

Clearwater Beach Weather May 2019 May is a beautiful time to visit Clearwater Beach, Florida! The weather reaches into the 80°s during the day and only drops into the 70°s in the evening. Beautiful warm weather with very little rain makes for a great day at the beach and beautiful sunsets. The warm air temperature […]

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Clearwater Beach Weather & Events – April 2019

Clearwater Beach Weather April 2019 It’s Spring Break! Enjoy the soft sand in the warm weather! Perfect for building sand castles at the beach, or even professionally built sandcastles at The Sugar Sand Festival! The Clearwater Beach weather in April has highs in the upper 70°s and touching into the 80°s at times, with lows […]