Albino Dolphin Sighting and Clearwater Beach Dolphin Tours

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Clearwater Beach Dolphin Tours

Have you heard the news? A young albino dolphin has been spotted swimming around the Clearwater Beach area! This young albino dolphin is very rare. It is one of only three albino dolphins that have been documented in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Clearwater Beach Aquarium posted on Facebook, “There have been recent sightings of a dolphin calf with atypical white colorization in Clearwater Bay. This animal is a known bottlenose dolphin calf named Cherub. As part of our Wild Dolphin Research Program we have observed the mother, Guardian, since 2013 and estimate that Cherub is less than one year old. The calf has a healed injury resulting in partial loss of one fluke, but otherwise appears in good condition and has displayed normal behavior. CMA will continue to observe this animal through our Photo ID program and monitor reports from our Rescue Team.”

This albino dolphin isn’t the only famous dolphin in Clearwater Beach. You can visit the movie stars, Winter and Hope, at the Clearwater Beach Aquarium! In addition to the famous dolphins, you’ll see many dolphins swimming around the Clearwater area, often playing in the wake of the Clearwater Beach Dolphin Tour boats. These dolphin tours are fun for the whole family. The dolphin tours give you a chance to see dolphins up close and enjoy a beautiful afternoon on the water or even a fun sunset cruise!

Family-Friendly Clearwater Beach Dolphin Tours

Little Toot Dolphin Adventure
Clearwater Marina Slip #16 | (727) 446-5503

Sea Screamers of Clearwater
Clearwater Marina Slip #15 | (727) 447-7200

Clearwater Marina Slip #7 |( 727) 724-4299

Encounters With Dolphins
Clearwater Marina | (727) 466-0375

Clearwater Fun Boat Dolphin Tours
Clearwater Marina Slip #19 | (585) 386-2628

The Tropics Boat Tours
Clearwater Marina Slip #5 | (727) 442-7433

Sea Life Safari Nature Cruise
249 Windward Passage, Clearwater, FL 33767 | (727) 441-1790

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