2021 Clearwater Beach Vacation

2021 Clearwater Beach Vacation

2020 is almost over. Soon it will be 2021. As you plan for 2021, you may be thinking about family vacations. A Clearwater Beach vacation is a beautiful place to take the family. It’s well known as one of America’s Best Beaches.

Clearwater Beach gives you a very large beach with plenty of room for social distancing. The beach is made of white sand that is as soft as sugar and maintained daily. The sand reaches into the calm Gulf of Mexico. The smaller waves of the Gulf of Mexico keep Clearwater Beach safe for children to play in the water with a gradual decline into the water, not the steep drop that can be found on other beaches. The ocean isn’t known for rip currents, but they can form. The safety of the beach and in the ocean is monitored by the Clearwater Beach Lifeguards, who keep the beach informed of any potential hazards.

Clearwater Beach is full of amazing restaurants for all types of meals at all times of the day. COVID-19 has changed the world and has hit the restaurant industry hard. Restaurants all over have had to quickly adapt to the struggles. Many of the Clearwater Beach restaurants have always offered outdoor seating, and continue to do so. The vast majority also offer to go and takeout food as well, and many have done so even before COVID-19.

If you don’t feel comfortable eating out, it’s okay. B&W Management has Clearwater Beach vacation condos with private beachfront views available for rent. These condos have full kitchens along with multiple bedrooms, two bathrooms, private balconies, and more.

We are continuously cleaning and keeping our guests safe by following and exceeding local and CDC guidelines.

Inside your condo, you control your own temperature and the air from your condo is not shared with any of the other condos. Each condo is deep cleaned between guests including swapping out all of the bedding to be thoroughly cleaned, including the comforters and the shams in each guest bedroom. Everything inside the condo is wiped and disinfected, with extra caution on major touchpoints such as door handles, TV remotes, etc.

Outside of the condo, the building is cleaned throughout the day with extra caution on these major touchpoints as well such as door handles, keyless touchpads on the doors, elevator buttons, etc. You’ll have access to hand sanitizer on every floor of the building, outside the elevator doors, and in the lobby as well.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about Clearwater Beach or our condos and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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B&W Management, Inc. has been providing the best Clearwater Beach Vacation Rentals to satisfied visitors for over 34 years. We are a trusted local business and you always book directly with us with no extra fees which saves you money! Join us to enjoy Clearwater Beach, Florida’s most luxurious vacation rental condos located directly on the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

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